how to play piano by ear using chords

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Keep tapping as fast as possible. Now, try doing the same exercise with your thumb and index fingers. What did you find?You will notice that your last two fingers are a little bit uncoordinated. Trying doing the same exercise on your non preferred hand. You will notice it is even harder to do. If you keep performing these finger tapping exercises everyday, you will start to develop lightning fast finger movement. Learning how to play piano takes like of time and practise. Work on improving your finger speed by following the exercise I just mentioned. With plenty of practise and hard work, the last two fingers on each hand can be trained to be just as fast as your thumb and index fingers. Your middle finger can also be trained to tap down faster. Remember that you must train both the left and right hands.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

Take a look at our article on sight reading to get an idea of what you need to do.

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how to play piano by ear using chords

“ Early in your senior year, contact the admission office at one or more of the schools you are interested in applying to, and ask for a lesson from the piano faculty. ”