how to play piano chords pdf

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I’m a junior in high school and I’ve had piano lessons for about 11 12 years. I am able to read music, but it takes me a while because I have to count through the notes; I’m not able to look at a piece and say the note off the bat. I am currently teaching myself pieces here and there, but while going through the notes will help me to learn and revisit what I was taught, I am able to learn pieces better by ear and make the process shorter. I was also in choir and a lot of musicals from elementary school up until last year, but I don’t really see how being able to keep in time and repeat the correct notes will help me if I can’t read the music very well. I would like to minor in music, but I feel as if I’m not skilled enough to be able to go through with it. I know that music theory is an option at school and that taking it next year will help me a lot.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

Wojciech Wisniewski.

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how to play piano chords pdf

“ Also, you can check out lessons via Skype – there are a number of good teachers who teach online – successfully. ”