how to play piano with two hands doing different things

Posted on January 1th, 2011 by Admin

I am just so enthusiastic right now that I have been practicing like twice a day since like 10 days. Hope I don’t overdo it though and work more on accuracy as you say… My best wishes to you for doing such a wonderful job and opening up the world of music to so many…I have questions on the technique for some scales, but will keep it for later. Hi Andrew, could you please help me on one problem I am facing ?In playing any scale one goes like – Do Re Mi Fa Si La Ti Do. To train my fingers better, one exercise I used to do on the guitar is play Do Mi, Re Fa, Mi Si and so on…Question is how should fingers be used on the piano in case 1. its only the white keys being there in the scale and 2. if both white and black keys are involved…Hope I was able to put my question clearly.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

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how to play piano with two hands doing different things

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